This is a great question and judging by the search queries brides are asking this question a lot!  One of the things that I love about the wedding photography community in Nashville is that there is so much talent and diversity.  It would be a disservice if I just gave you a top ten list of my favorite photographers.  Wedding photography is very personal so instead of asking who the top wedding photographers are a better question to ask is which photographer will be the best fit for your wedding.  Here are just a few things you should look for based on our knowledge of the industry and conversations with past clients.


1) Make sure that the photographer is reputable

Because of how easy it is for anyone to say that they are a professional photographer (we don’t have any licensing bodies or aren’t required to go through any formal education like say for instance realtors do) it is important to ask the right questions to make sure your photographer will deliver the images you want.  A few good questions to ask are: Can I see a full wedding that you have shot?  What is your typical turn around time?  Are you licensed/insured?  How many weddings have you photographed?  And make sure to look for reviews from past couples about the photographer you choose.

2) What is their photographic style like

Looking through pinterest and the thousands of portfolios that are online can be confusing.  There are a lot of different styles and photographers use a lot of jargon that most people don’t.  Look for images that stand out to you and then ask yourself  what do those images have in common.  Don’t be afraid to ask photographers about their style and how they shoot.  We love talking about our craft!

3) What is their personality like

You are going to be spending 8+ hours on one of the most if not the most important days of your life in pretty close proximity to the person you choose as your wedding photographer.  If the photographer you are looking at has an amazing portfolio but you can’t stand to be around them for more than a few minutes at a time move on!  I guarantee you there is another photographer out their with a similar style who’s personality will be a better fit.  We know that we match well with clients who view their wedding days as celebrations and parties and generally like to have fun.

Our clients don’t like to be posed for hours at a time but like to have a (fun) collection of images.  But we realize not everyone is like that and its ok that is why you have choices!  A good photographer should have a network of other  photographers that they can refer to and match you based on the style and personality you are looking for if they aren’t the best fit.

4) How is their pricing set up

At the end of the wedding day the things that you have left are actually being married and the photographs that serve to remind you of the special day.  Instead of looking for a photographer that offers everything and the kitchen sink for the budget you have look for photographers who are what you are looking for style and personality wise that can give you the amount of coverage you need within your budget.  A good photographer should allow you to come back and purchase keepsakes and albums after the wedding when you have recovered from all of the other costs of the wedding.

5) Have fun!

Planning a wedding doesn’t have to be so stressful.  If planning gets to be too stressful just take a break from the planning and go on a date with your husband or wife to-be and don’t talk about anything wedding related.  Your photography can be a very fun and special part of your day you just need to know what to look for.  Hopefully these few tips have helped!

If you are looking for a photographer for your wedding we would love to chat with you and see if we might be a good fit!  If you are looking for something specific style or personality wise please contact us (it won’t hurt our feelings, promise) we would love to share some photographers we think would be great for you!