One of my most pinned wedding day photos on Pinterest is of a bride’s wedding dress hanging up by itself at her wedding venue before she put it on.  The brides that hire me for their wedding photography spend a lot of time and energy picking out the perfect dress.  It is always such a special moment when their groom sees them in it for the first time!  On the wedding day or in a bridal session we will be showing off the dress and getting photos of it from many different angles once the bride puts it on. But before that I like taking a few photos of the dress by itself to show all of the details in the dress. I wanted to share a few of my favorite wedding dress photos as well as some tips to ensure that you will have some amazing dress photos on your wedding day.

Wedding Dress Hanging in Garden

I love when brides trust me enough to let me take their wedding dress outside on their wedding day to get a stunning photograph of it before they put it on.  I always have an assistant who is helping me and ensuring that the dress doesn’t touch the ground or get dirty.

Elegant Black and White Dress Photography

Sometimes just hanging the dress from the back of a door is all you need to show off the details of the dress.  Having a nice wooden hanger or a customized hanger with your new last name is a great detail and makes the photos look that much better!

Wedding Dress Photographed at Church

Wedding Dress Hanging From Tree


Wedding Dress at Scarritt Bennett

Showing off the wedding dress with other details like the shoes can make for some great photographs and compositions.  I will usually photograph the dress several different ways so the bride has some great options to choose from.  These photos are some of the first photos in a couple’s wedding album so I want to make sure they are stunning shots!

Wedding Dress Photographed With Shoes

Using a unique perspective or vantage point can make for really fun photographs that compliment the bride and her dress’ style.

Wedding Dress Details

Wedding Dress Detail Photography

I love when wedding dresses have some color in them and I love placing the dress against backgrounds that really show off that color and detail in it while complimenting the dress.


I hope these wedding dress photos have given you some ideas of what you might want in your photography.  I have even more wedding dress and detail photos that you can see here.  If you would like to learn more about us or are interested in having us photograph your wedding we would love to chat!