With all of the wedding reception photobooths we do in Nashville I’m not sure how they can keep getting better.  But Ashley and Kolade’s guests took some amazing photos, kept it packed all night long and really raised the bar for photoboothing.  A few things helped the success of their photobooth at The Nashville City Club.

1) It was located right next to the bar.  (There is a direct correlation between how much guests have to drink and how awesome the photobooth pictures get)

2) Ashley and Kolade had placed notes on the dinner tables encouraging their guests to use the photobooth.

3) Everyone loved the props and custom backdrop that went along with the “Green” theme of the wedding.

4) Ashley and Kolade had prints from the photobooth put in frames for all of their guests as a special “Thank You” wedding favor.

Not to mention Ashley and Kolade themselves are awesome and were ready and eager to take photos with all of their guests.  (The photo of Ashley with the batman mask and bottle of champagne is a personal favorite of mine.  Also try and spot me facing off against the bride wielding the lightsaber.)  If these photos don’t convince you that you have to have a photobooth at your wedding reception I’m not sure what will.

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