We always have a blast teaching our workshop participants the basics of DSLR photography.  For many of the participants it is their first time ever taking their cameras off of “Auto” mode.  We are very proud that by the end of the workshops all of our workshoppers are photographing real live models in Manual mode!  We love seeing the photos and hearing their success stories in our private forum for our workshop alumni.

Here are some behind the scenes photos from our workshops as well as some feedback we received from our participants.


“Oh my goodness, I’m totally giddy!! I literally stepped out of the car when I got home, pulled the camera out and took some photos of a gorgeous rose bush outside the house, I’m thrilled, they are way better than anything I would have taken yesterday – almost wall hanging good!! Then I made the kids pose in the kitchen and after getting an initial black photo, changed the settings and got more great shots!!”

“I had a great time!  Thank you both for your insight.”

“Thanks for all the tips!!! The class was awesome!!!”

“Finally understanding the settings on my Nikon”

“Thanks for the session yesterday. I do better with live instruction + hands-on than by reading and trial-error.  I picked up some great tips yesterday on diving into the world of “manual” mode and didn’t realize it was that easy. I’ve been a “P” mode guy for awhile and thought I was doing great..ha ha.   You guys explained things in a simple, easy to understand way.” – Dave W.

Thanks so much to all the participants who made this class a blast as well as our models for coming out and letting us all take so many photos of them!

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