We had an absolute blast working with Ashley and Kolade!  It only takes spending about five minutes with Ashley and Kolade to know how much in love these two are.  Some of our couples take a little coaxing for PDAs (public displays of affection) but not these two!  We wouldn’t even be shooting and we would turn around and see them kissing and holding hands.  On several occasions we would turn around and catch him brushing her hair out of her eyes, helping her down steps and leaning in to kiss her.

Not only are they both gorgeous and so much in love they are so stylish!  The wardrobe they brought was perfect for the locations we choose.  I’m also pretty sure that Ashley had a secret modeling career that she isn’t telling us about.  She could turn on “fierce” and then go right back into a great smile whenever we asked with very little effort.

We can not wait for their October wedding!  Until then enjoy this sneak preview from their engagement session!