UPDATE FOR 2024: Bonnaroo has not yet released their guidelines for being accepted for the House of Matroomony yet. But the rest of the tips in this article apply. If you are interested in seeing more Bonnaroo wedding photo inspiration click here.  If you need a photographer for your festival wedding I’d love to chat contact me here.


So you are interested in saying YES to your partner at one of the biggest, bestest music festivals?!?! Congrats!!! In my opinion Bonnaroo is one of the most amazing places you can get married and have your wedding! Eloping at Bonnaroo is a great option for couples who love music festivals and don’t want the fuss of getting married in a “traditional” setting.


Sooo many options!

If you are planning on getting married at Bonnaroo you have tons of options for your wedding. For the second year Bonnaroo will be hosting weddings at The House of Matroomony. These weddings are beautiful chapel style ceremonies that are legally binding! Last year they were officiated by Dolly Parton impersonator and ordained minister Vancie Vega. Here’s the link to apply. They have very limited spots for this so. So I’d suggest applying ASAP and going into as much detail as possible in your “About” story for better chances to be picked. If you are picked it looks like Bonnaroo will take care of the rest of the details for you and assign you a time. You’ll just need to show up and bring a government-issued photo ID, proof of birth, proof of social security number and $105.50 towards processing fee, paid in credit or debit card via square. They will have a Clerk to notarize and issue a license the day of your wedding!

Over the years I’ve seen musical artists and even comedians officiate weddings on stage and throughout the campgrounds. This year Vulfpeck is even auctioning off the chance to get married during their set (the bid currently stands at $10,5000).

If you don’t get selected or a chapel style wedding isn’t your thing… No worries! You can select a beautiful spot in the campgrounds, where in the woods or Centeroo and have your own ceremony. Write some vows and maybe invite a few friends! It’s as simple as that! You can say “I do” somewhere as public as by the fountain or find a quiet corner of centeroo or where in the woods and make it as intimate as you’d like. The easiest way to do this is do all the legal ceremony/paperwork back home before or after and then just the ceremony you want at Bonnaroo. This can take some of the stress off so you can just enjoy it and not have to worry about all the paperwork while you are on the farm. This is actually what I recommend and most of the weddings I’ve gotten to photograph have followed a similar path!

Of course I also recommend hiring a photographer/videographer to capture the moment and maybe some beautiful portraits around Roo after you say I do. I’ve also seen couples hire florists and bakers to provide beautiful bouquets and flowers as well. You don’t have to worry about reception entertainment, food or drinks as you get to enjoy your favorite bands and spicy pie to commemorate your wedding!

If you are interested in making it official official at Bonnaroo. You will need to contact the Coffee County Clerk’s Office to get the ball rolling.


How to make it legal…

You’ll first need to apply for a marriage license. You can pre-fill out the application on-line but you will need to make an appointment to pick it up in person. There’s no waiting period or blood test in Tennessee. Just make sure you can arrive during business hours to pick it up before you enter the festival.

The cost for the marriage license is around $100 but if you have taken a pre-marital preparation course, your cost may be reduced! You’ll need a notarized copy of your course ahead of applying for your marriage license.

To apply for a marriage license, you’ll both need to be present and have your social security card, driver’s license or state ID, and proof of age (if between the ages of 18 and 25). For proof of age, you can use your driver’s license or a certified copy of your birth certificates. Make sure the officiant you choose meets the requirements and you are good to go! Once you have your marriage license it is good for 30 days after receiving it.
Check with the clerk before making plans to ensure you have all your ducks in a row. And lastly after your ceremony and everything is signed make sure you follow the directions to either drop it off or mail it back to the clerk’s office!



And please feel free to reach out if I can be of any assistance. I’ll be attending Bonnaroo again this year (my 8th Roo!) and would love to help you capture some beautiful photographs of your elopement! Not quite ready to get married? Bonnaroo makes a great location to propose or take some beautiful engagement or couples photos as well!