The day of my shoot with Caleb and Zach I really didn’t know what to expect.  Each time I go into an engagement session there is an unknown element.  I never know how couples will interact with each other.  I never try to force couples into awkward or strange poses and instead want to capture them in their natural element in as relaxed an environment as possible.  I had met Caleb prior to the session and I knew from our meeting that I didn’t need to be worried because of how warm and personable he was and how fondly he talked about his partner Zach.  I was nervous about their session because this was my first time photographing a couple on horseback while also riding a horse.

I feel pretty comfortable on horses but in truth it had been several years since I had ridden one and I was mostly nervous about getting the horses to pose so that Caleb and Zach were close to each other and I had a good angle to photograph them.  In the end it did take a little bit of maneuvering but I’m so glad that Caleb and Zach choose such a fun unique activity for their engagement photos.  Shout out to my horse, Peaches, for being incredibly patient with me and by the end of the shoot being in group mind with me.  Somehow she knew exactly what I wanted from her during what was probably an out of the ordinary experience for her.🐴