All the little details are what make your wedding unique and charming and 100% YOU!  Need some inspiration?  Today we share some of our favorites so you can make sure the photos of your details perfectly frame the story of your wedding day!

Wedding Day Program

1. Enlist the help of (crafty) family members

Wedding details are one of the last line items on any wedding budget.  This makes it is easy to overspend or not have enough to cover the custom salt and pepper shakers for every table that you desperately want.

This is where that crafty aunt or uncle can come in to save the day with their amazing woodworking skills or that collection of mason jars that is just asking to be turned into vintage lanterns.  Not only can this help you cut down on the cost of the wedding but having items crafted by family members is just plain cool and adds to the story of your wedding.

Custom cake stands made by groom
(Custom cake stands made by groom)


2. Check out amazing wedding blogs for ideas

A few of our favorite blogs to check out for inspiration and new ideas are: | |

Also be sure to go treasure hunting on to find handmade, one of a kind gifts, favors and accessories!

Going green and recycling classic coke bottles as flower vases can make a big splash!
(Going green can make a big splash!)


3. Let your photographer know the importance of your details

A good photographer will make sure to take photographs of the details in both the ceremony and reception.  Photographers aren’t mind readers though!  If you and your mother stayed up for three nights putting together all those paper lanterns let your photographer know and put it on your shot list!

Military Cake Topper
(Military Cake Topper)

These may not be the shots that you order a 24×36 canvas gallery wrap of, but they do play an integral part in telling your story and you definitely want to make sure they are captured and remembered!


Have any other places you routinely look at for wedding detail inspiration?  Share them in the comments below!