How would you define your style?

We like to think of ourselves as storytellers.  We love documenting love and friendship and family.  We love focusing on real emotion and capturing subtle details.  We deeply embed ourselves with you and your guests to not only show what it looked like to be at your wedding but also what it felt like.  We aren’t true photojournalists because we will tweak things (like moving that water bottle from behind you while we are taking portraits) and will give you direction to help you feel more natural in front of the camera.

How far in advance should we book you?

Typically we book out about 6 months to a year in advance.  For more popular wedding dates we can be booked as far out as 18 months.  The best thing to do is as soon as you know your wedding date contact us and see if we have that date available.  Not a super planner in advancer?  No problem!  We might still have your date open and if we are already booked we can refer you to some of our awesome friends who still have it open for you.

Do you travel for weddings?

Yes we do! The package prices are listed for weddings in the Nashville area. For weddings outside of the area we generally add a modest travel fee depending on the location. Contact us for a custom quote for your destination wedding!

Costa Rica Destination Wedding Dreams
Bridal Portrait

What kind of equipment do you use?

We shoot on professional grade camera bodies and lenses.  The gear we choose is great for everything from shooting outside in the hot summer months to very dark reception halls.  We have backups of everything (camera bodies, lenses, batteries, memory cards, flashes).  We shoot mostly digital but we have several film cameras that we can bring to weddings.  If you are interested in having more of your wedding shot on film just let us know!

Are you insured?

Yep!  A lot of venues won’t let photographers shoot there unless they have the proper liability insurance (which we do).

What about a shot list?

Other than a list of family groupings (for the family formal posed photos) we do not need a list of things to photograph. Our job is to photograph every special moment and detail we see at your wedding.  Looking down at a list will only hinder us from doing that.  We have a questionnaire that we will send over to you a month before the wedding that will help us to prepare for your wedding so we can anticipate all of the moments as they happen.  If you have a pinterest board full of cheesy wedding poses we probably aren’t the photographers for you.

Can we post our photos and videos to facebook, instagram, youtube etc.?

Of course!  It makes us really happy to see you change your profile photos over to the gorgeous images that we capture together.  You have access to all of your photos in the perfect size to share online free of any ugly watermarks.  We would love it if you gave us a shout out when you post or tag us but we don’t force that on you 😉  Your photos are yours to use for any personal use that you see fit.

How many photos will we get?

We typically deliver around 800+ images for an 8 hour day.  All of the images that you get are edited and hand retouched by us.  Our goal is to tell the complete story of the day from the time you are getting ready all the way through the reception.  Your photos will all be available in an online gallery where you can easily download them as well as order high quality professional prints.

Will we get some photos in black and white?

YES!  Some photos just look better in black and white.  We have a very distinct editing style that we think is clean and timeless.  Our goal is for you to be able to look back at your wedding photos 50 years from now and for them to be a beautiful reminder of how much fun you had (without looking boring or dated).

Nashville Gay Wedding Photographer
Salt Lake City Wedding

When will we see our wedding photos?

We really pride ourselves on having a quick turnaround time.  We like to have a few previews up for you by the time you get back from your honeymoon.  Your whole gallery will be ready in about 4-6 weeks. Wedding films take a little longer and are usually finished in about 2-3 months.

Can we pick the songs for our wedding film?

Sure thing! Or you can give us some genres/artists you like and we’ll take it from there! Please note we can only use music that is licensable but we have subscriptions to several music licensing services with tens of thousands of songs to choose from!

I’ve never planned a wedding before… HELP!!!

We know this can be very stressful.  Anything that we can do to help alleviate that stress and help you to focus on what is important (you are marrying your best friend and throwing an awesome party) we will do.  We work with a lot of couples who are planning weddings from afar and are happy to give recommendations on venues and vendors.  If you are just starting out in the process read our 6 Steps to Booking Your Nashville Wedding Venue post here.

Have more questions?

We would love to hear from you! Contact us today and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have. We want every couple that works with us to feel comfortable and confident in the process so they can truly enjoy their wedding day!