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Fall is my absolute favorite time for outdoor weddings in Tennessee.  Ashlee and Michael McCauley couldn't have chosen a more perfect day for their wedding.  The details that they chose to decorate the site complimented it perfectly.  The path leading up to the ceremony location was absolutely gorgeous!  The leaves were just starting to change color and the light shown through perfectly (basically any photographers dream).

Bethany and Kevin couldn't have chosen a more beautiful day for their Nashville wedding.  All of the elegant details complimented each other so perfectly and came together to showcase the bride and groom.  After the ceremony at Scarritt Bennett's Wightman Chapel we headed to the downtown Hilton Garden Inn at Vanderbilt for the reception. 

In the last post I shared the photographs from the Mehndi ceremony and the beautiful application of henna. Today's post features the Patel family's Pithi ceremony that took place in their home here in Nashville. The ceremony started with the groom and his parents going through several rituals with the priest. After those were completed the real fun began. The Pithi ceremony is a traditional Indian wedding ritual that consists of the family members and friends covering the bride and groom in a paste that consists of chick pea flour, tumeric and rose water. If this sounds like a lot of fun, that's because it is! Everyone enjoyed watching the groom get completely covered by the paste.

A couple of months ago I was contacted about shooting the pre-wedding rituals for a beautiful Indian couple here in Nashville.  With the family being spread out the groom and his family would be observing the ceremonies here in Nashville before heading up to Chicago to meet the bride and her family.  I've talked before on the blog about how much I love Indian weddings, so I was very excited for this opportunity to spend several days photographing the groom and his family here in Nashville.  There are so many beautiful photographs from each day that I will be featuring the Mehndi, Pithi, and Vidhi rituals separately on the blog over the next few days.