engagement | Celladora Wedding Photography- Part 5
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When I first met Tabi and Turk and heard them describe their wedding I knew it was a perfect fit for our style and was so excited when they decided to book us. For their engagement session they choose to do it in Downtown Leipers Fork (just a few minutes away from Franklin, TN). I had never been there before so it was so much fun exploring the area with them. Turk showed me a photo he had taken from a bridge nearby and I knew that I wanted to take a photo of them there at sunset. We grabbed some beers at Puckett's Grocery and got to listen to some live music while we waited for the sun to go down. I'm glad we waited the view from the bridge was amazing! I hope you enjoy this sneak preview of their engagement photos. I can't wait to share their wedding with you!

Last week I got to shoot an engagement session for my good friends Micah and Mallory. They are both very artistic and wanted engagement photos that showcased their personal style. As I approached the shoot I knew I wanted to give them something unique but also wanted to give them several choices of great images that they could use for their "Save The Dates." With both of them being musicians I had the idea to compose the images and direct the shoot like I would if I were shooting an album cover and promotional pieces for an indie rock band.  We traveled to one of my favorite parks in Nashville and shot all of the photos outdoors in the woods and on a walking bridge.

I wanted to take a moment to wish all of you a happy holidays before we go on vacation and close the studio down until the new year.  I am so thankful for the past year and all of the amazing Nashville weddings and couples that we have gotten to serve.  If you haven't yet had a chance to view the recap of our 2012 wedding season make sure to watch it to see some of our favorite photographs from the past year.

Bethany and Kevin were a lot of fun to work with.  I had met Bethany before but it was my first time meeting Kevin.  From talking with Bethany I knew that she had high standards for her photography and really wanted a photojournalistic style approach to her pictures.  I'm always slightly nervous when I'm meeting a couple together for the first time because I really don't know how they are going to interact together.  People who have great chemistry and have a joyous outlook on life are much easier to photograph.