At the beginning of last year I started experimenting with adding film into my wedding and portrait shoots.  In a little over a year I have gained a lot of knowledge and experience thanks to my experimentation with film.  I am still shooting mostly digital during weddings and engagement sessions with the majority of the film that I am shooting is for my own personal work.

Shooting film has made me a better photographer.  I am now more deliberate about what I shoot (with both analog and digital) and that has helped me to see anticipate moments even more.  In just a little over a year I have added seven new (to me) film cameras to my collection.  One of the biggest responses to shooting film at weddings has been in the polaroid instant film that I have shot.  I first shot instant film at Taylor and Will’s wedding and it was so much fun seeing them and their guests get so excited as I peeled apart the film.  Besides the instant gratification of the prints I also love the fact that I can give my couples a few images to take with them on their honeymoon.

The newest addition to my camera family is a custom one of a kind polaroid converted to full manual control with a glass lens by CatLABS.  Here are a few scans of the polaroids I got from a recent bridal shoot at Centennial Park in Nashville.



nashville-wedding-film-photographer  fuji-black-and-white-instant-film  bride-photographed-on-polaroid