The day of Becky and Alexander’s engagement session I had been closely monitoring the weather.  The chances for rain and severe weather had kept going up as we got closer to their date.  I was really hoping that it would hold off long enough for us to get their engagement session in but it wasn’t looking good.


If you aren’t following @NashSevereWX and you live in Nashville do yourself a favor and go give them a follow.  Hands down best weather forecasting in Nashville.  Seriously go follow them right now I’ll wait.


Ok now that we have that out of the way I texted the radar image over to Becky and this is what she responded with.IMG_0659

Me uncomfortable?  If my gear can survive getting caught on the top of a cliff in Iceland in a freak blizzard I think it will be ok with a little rain.  Plus that is what umbrellas, backup gear and insurance (don’t tell my insurance company I said that) are for.  And heck yeah!  I love clients who are down for anything!  I always hope for great weather and perfect conditions.  But that’s not always what you get and there are ways to mitigate risk and plan around things but I know as long as a couple has a good attitude and puts their trust in me we can create some awesome photos no matter what.

So we got to Percy Warner and it looked like maybe the weather was going to hold out for us after all.







So I worked quickly getting the “typical” engagement photos that they could use for their save the dates, knowing the rain could hit us any moment.  But we still took time for them to practice their dance moves for their wedding.




Weather seemed to be cooperating with us so we headed to the second location over at Steeplechase.


Where we were greeted by a pretty epic sunset!!!



By the time we made it down to the field the sunset had disappeared and storm clouds had taken its place.  A slight drizzle of rain started to come down.





The drizzle turned into full on rain and at this point I turned around and saw even worse storm clouds quickly approaching us.


The rain kept coming down harder and harder but Becky and Alexander kept kissing and being cute so I had to keep shooting.







We kept shooting until we were completely soaked and we headed (ran) back up to the pavilion to get some reprieve from the deluge that was now coming down.  I took the chance (after I dried off my lenses) to get a couple of detail shots of Becky’s engagement ring.


I’m sooooo glad that Becky and Alexander were up for shooting in the rain.  I love how these photos turned out!  I’m so excited for their wedding in October and know it will be amazing!