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Last year we gave five of our couples complimentary photobooths with their wedding photography packages. These couples and their guests said things like: "simply perfect" "hilarious" and "Seriously love these photos!" about their photobooth experience. So how could we improve on something that is already so awesome for our 2013 brides and grooms? By doubling the amount of photobooths for the 2013 wedding season!

In the last post I shared the photographs from the Mehndi ceremony and the beautiful application of henna. Today's post features the Patel family's Pithi ceremony that took place in their home here in Nashville. The ceremony started with the groom and his parents going through several rituals with the priest. After those were completed the real fun began. The Pithi ceremony is a traditional Indian wedding ritual that consists of the family members and friends covering the bride and groom in a paste that consists of chick pea flour, tumeric and rose water. If this sounds like a lot of fun, that's because it is! Everyone enjoyed watching the groom get completely covered by the paste.

A couple of months ago I was contacted about shooting the pre-wedding rituals for a beautiful Indian couple here in Nashville.  With the family being spread out the groom and his family would be observing the ceremonies here in Nashville before heading up to Chicago to meet the bride and her family.  I've talked before on the blog about how much I love Indian weddings, so I was very excited for this opportunity to spend several days photographing the groom and his family here in Nashville.  There are so many beautiful photographs from each day that I will be featuring the Mehndi, Pithi, and Vidhi rituals separately on the blog over the next few days.

We have added two new Nashville photography workshop dates for September.  The first will be September 16th at 3pm.  This will be one of our very popular introductory hands on DSLR workshops.  These workshops teach the foundations of digital photography and allow participants to get off of "Auto" settings.  To read more about our introductory workshop classes click here. The second workshop will be a photo editing and workflow intensive.  This workshop will take place on September 23rd from 1pm-4pm and will be limited to only 6 participants.  This workshop will detail our workflow and give tips and techniques to get great looking photos quickly.