John Yates | Celladora Wedding Photography- Part 29
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By now its probably no surprise to anyone that we really love photobooths and think that they should be included at every wedding reception. One of the things I realized while watching the guests at Ashlee and Michael's wedding in Portland, TN (just an hour north of Nashville) is the diversity that you can get in photos. One photo can be a really nice family portrait, the next can be a crazy shot of a group of friends using every prop we have and then followed up with a photo that makes you ask "Isn't he a little short for a stormtrooper?" (and then there are the "Did that really just happen photos?!?!")

Bethany and Kevin couldn't have chosen a more beautiful day for their Nashville wedding.  All of the elegant details complimented each other so perfectly and came together to showcase the bride and groom.  After the ceremony at Scarritt Bennett's Wightman Chapel we headed to the downtown Hilton Garden Inn at Vanderbilt for the reception. 

I absolutely love shooting bridal sessions. It is such a fun, relaxed time where we are able to get photographs that we may not have time to during the wedding day. The thing I dislike about bridal sessions is not being able to show anyone the amazing photos until after the wedding! Now that Bethany and Kevin's wedding has passed I am so happy to be able to share these gorgeous photos of Bethany at Scarritt Bennett here in Nashville, TN. Bethany's wedding dress is so beautiful and compliments her so well (look at the gorgeous detailing)! Here are a few of my favorite photographs from the session.