Celladora Wedding Photography | John Yates
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Fall is my absolute favorite time for outdoor weddings in Tennessee.  Ashlee and Michael McCauley couldn't have chosen a more perfect day for their wedding.  The details that they chose to decorate the site complimented it perfectly.  The path leading up to the ceremony location was absolutely gorgeous!  The leaves were just starting to change color and the light shown through perfectly (basically any photographers dream).

By now its probably no surprise to anyone that we really love photobooths and think that they should be included at every wedding reception. One of the things I realized while watching the guests at Ashlee and Michael's wedding in Portland, TN (just an hour north of Nashville) is the diversity that you can get in photos. One photo can be a really nice family portrait, the next can be a crazy shot of a group of friends using every prop we have and then followed up with a photo that makes you ask "Isn't he a little short for a stormtrooper?" (and then there are the "Did that really just happen photos?!?!")