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This past weekend we got to spend some time with Todd and Cierra walking around Old Hickory Village.  Before the engagement session Todd had scouted out some locations near where the two of them will be living after their wedding.  We got a great diversity of photos from some cute images overlooking the lake to some fun downtown images.  We also got to see the church where they will be getting married (can't wait! love the large stained glass windows!).

We had an absolute blast working with Ashley and Kolade!  It only takes spending about five minutes with Ashley and Kolade to know how much in love these two are.  Some of our couples take a little coaxing for PDAs (public displays of affection) but not these two!  We wouldn't even be shooting and we would turn around and see them kissing and holding hands.  On several occasions we would turn around and catch him brushing her hair out of her eyes, helping her down steps and leaning in to kiss her.

Our 2012 wedding season officially kicked off yesterday with a beautiful barn wedding in Dickson, TN.  The forecast called for rain but the luck of the Irish was with us and gave us the perfect day for this outdoor wedding.  Amy and Jared (the bride and groom) were so much fun to work with as were their families and bridal party! The whole day was so much fun and we are so happy to have been a part of it.