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So the unexpected always seems to happen.  You were going to elope but now you have to plan a wedding in two months.  You were planning on having Uncle Bob shoot your wedding, but at the last minute you decided it might be better to hire a professional.  But, now you are finding every photographer is booked up months in advance. Well you just might be in luck! 

Without experiencing first hand how valuable throughout the entire process a planner can be, it is difficult to communicate this to our brides.  So I had the idea to have one of my favorite planners sit down with a bride she had worked with and have them reflect back on the planning process and the (awesome!) wedding experience.

Catalyst Weddings and Events helps brides to plan weddings that give back and support non-profits. We love their work and support them in their mission! Check out this awesome writeup our friends over at Catalyst did on us and find out how we are...

Love is in the air this season!  If you haven't already over the next few weeks you will probably see your facebook news feed filled with friends changing their status from "in a relationship" to "engaged"!  Stumped on what gift to get these newly engaged...