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So I don't post a lot on this blog other than the photos from weddings, bridal sessions, engagement sessions and the occasional boudoir session.  But, since I changed up the format of the last wedding post (and wrote like a bajillion words) and got such a positive response I thought I'd write a little more and give you a behind the scenes perspective.  This past Saturday I got to attend an intensive hands on fashion workshop and wanted to tell you how/why that impacts my wedding work.

If you have been following our blog, you know that most of the wedding posts I write follow a pretty predictable formula: 1. Start off talking about how awesome/beautiful the couple is. 2. Spend a few sentences writing about the venue, other vendors involved. 3. Wrap it up with my best wishes for the newlyweds. The rest is photos. I want you to be able to look at an album of photos from a wedding I've shot and know the story of two people who have fallen in love, know the details that brought them together, and know the people who love and support them.

As photographers we love shooting destination weddings. Until recently when we thought about destination weddings we thought about traveling to Mexico, California, Florida or Italy. Now more and more of our brides and grooms are coming from out of state to have their weddings right here in Nashville, TN. Here are a few of the reasons our couples are choosing Nashville for their destination wedding location and we think you should too!