Celladora Wedding Photography | Abra + Cisco Osorio’s Wedding Photobooth
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Abra + Cisco Osorio’s Wedding Photobooth

There is a science to taking a great photobooth picture.  Some groups of people seem to “get it” and others don’t.  In the past year I’ve put together over 50 photobooths that have resulted in over 4000 photos.  So it should carry some weight when I say that Abra and Cisco and their guests took some of the best photobooth pictures I’ve seen yet.

One of the historic brick walls of The Mill at Lebanon served as the backdrop for the photobooth.  It was positioned between the bar and DJ booth (where you place your photobooth is so important and this was the perfect spot) and resulted in some amazing photos including the bride in a stormtrooper helmet, a few we photobombed and some I’m not really sure exactly what was going on.

To view all 300+ photos from the photobooth and to order prints of your favorites click here.  Make sure to follow us on facebook to see when all of the photos from Abra and Cisco’s wedding are up.