Celladora Wedding Photography | Abra and Cisco Wedding Photography | The Mill at Lebanon
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Abra and Cisco Wedding Photography | The Mill at Lebanon

There is so much to love about Abra and Cisco’s wedding.  I could write for days and days about how awesome it was.  But, I know you are really here to see the photos, so instead here are my top five (in no particular order) things about their wedding.

1. Epic S’mores bar

If you’ve been following the blog, you know that I am a (self-proclaimed) S’mores aficionado.  The only word that can describe the s’mores bar at Abra and Cisco’s reception is epic.  Seriously scroll down right now and look at it, and then go and make yourself a s’more (you can thank me later).

2. Reception

After the ceremony ended the venue was transformed into a giant party.  It was so much fun watching the guests run back and forth between the photobooth and the dance floor.

3. Venue

Just a short drive East on I-40 from Nashville, The Mill at Lebanon is a beautiful venue that offers some distinctive places to shoot photographs.  The venue, combined with the details Abra and Cisco chose, perfectly set the mood for their wedding day.

4. Military

The details that are included in a military wedding bring an added dimension to an already special day.  It is such an honor for us to serve those that have sacrificed so much to defend us and our country.

5. Abra and Cisco

What really made the wedding was Abra and Cisco and their loving families.  Everyone was such a delight to work with and it was an amazing experience to see both families come together to celebrate their wedding day (not to mention the fact that they Abra and Cisco have awesome friends who take amazing photo booth pictures and break into epic sword fights).