These past few months have been insane (in the best possible way).  I took a trip to Austin, TX for Austin City Limits festival five weeks ago and since being back in Nashville I don’t think there has been one day that I could say I’ve had “off.”  It is no secret in the wedding industry that these months are the busiest months for wedding professionals.  For photographers not only are we shooting more weddings than we do any other time during the year but we want to get those weddings edited and delivered back to our clients in time for the holidays.  We also have engagement sessions, album designs, not to mention meeting with awesome new clients to book up next years calendar.  Then on top of that I have my teaching and workshop schedule.

I can truly say that since going full time as a wedding photographer I am happier and more satisfied than I ever have been before.  I absolutely love the work that I do and it brings me a lot of fulfillment getting to stretch my creative muscles.  When I’m shooting or teaching or hanging out with my clients I am always having a blast.  The times when I am sitting at home by myself in front of my computer responding to emails and doing accounting and editing can be a challenge for me.  Especially during these busy months staying on top of all these things is close to impossible.  The one thing that keeps me going during my marathon editing sessions is how amazing my clients are.  So I wanted to take five minutes and say a big thanks to all of you.  This week has been amazing for me and I wanted to share some of the awesome messages that I have received this week.

Wow! The photos are amazing. There are so many that I like, it will be hard to choose!  Thank you so much. You did a wonderful job and this makes me so happy we chose you to photograph our wedding 🙂


Oh my gosh. Words can not even describe what we just saw! John!!!!! It was like reliving each moment. You even captured things I didn’t even get to see!!!!!!! You caught all the right moments!!!!! We cried while during the slideshow. These are amazing. I am 100%speechless and in awe.  You are so talented and we are so extremely grateful!


It was great to work with you at our wedding last weekend! You were so easy to work with and made the photography fun and easygoing. I know our pictures are going to be great! Thank you again!  The event was just perfect and we both left knowing we were going to have such great pictures from you to look at!


And then a couple from my students and workshop attendees.


Thank you for all the questions you’ve answered and all the time you’ve put into teaching us!  I truly appreciate all the help you’ve given me!


Oh my goodness, I’m totally giddy!! I literally stepped out of the car when I got home, pulled the camera out and took some photos of a gorgeous rose bush outside the house, I’m thrilled, they are way better than anything I would have taken yesterday – almost wall hanging good!! Then I made the kids pose in the kitchen and after getting an initial black photo, changed the settings and got more great shots!!


Receiving messages like these makes me want to work that much harder for all of my clients.  You all are truly amazing and give me the opportunity to do what I absolutely love doing.  I love how many friends that I’ve made through doing this.  Every time I get a referral from one of my friends or previous client or have a client say “whatever you think is best we trust you” (even when that means following me into a freezing lake) it means so much to me.  Thanks you guys. Now back to some more editing. 🙂  – John