We have had the honor and privilege to help plan and photograph over one hundred surprise proposals. We have definitely learned a lot and want to share some advice if you plan to ask your partner to marry you and want to have great photos of the moment!


Practice With The Ring Box

If you will be carrying the ring in a ring box: Practice taking the ring box out of whichever pocket you will have it in. Also practice opening the ring box away from yourself – this will make sure that you are opening the box towards your partner for that iconic proposal shot. A lot of ring boxes look the same on the top and bottom so make sure you know which is which. You don’t want to open it up upside down!


Be Conscious of the Camera

Be conscious of the camera when you go down on one knee: try to make sure you’re not in between the camera and the ring. You’ll want to be parallel to the background you want when you go down on one knee so I can get both your expressions.


Spend Some Time Down on One Knee

Very important: When you go down on a knee stay down for longer than feels normal. The longer you are on your knee, the more opportunity to have more shots of this moment. If you are planning to say something this is the time to do it (doesn’t have to be a whole speech but a few sentences gives me time to get these iconic shots). I tell this to everyone and still have people who are down for one second (or less!). I don’t know how they are that fast but it really helps us out if you give us 15-20 seconds to get multiple shots from the best angles!


Get Rid of Distractions

Try to help move your partner’s hair all to one side (opposite of the camera) so their hair falls behind their shoulder rather than covering their face. Set down any bulky bags or sunglasses prior to going down on one knee. Make sure to have any distractions out of the way before going down on one knee. Try to bring as little as possible with you. Make sure your partner isn’t holding their cell phone or anything else so they can have their hands free during the big moment!


Enjoy the Moment!

Lastly, take a deep breath right before the moment and as much as you can, relax and enjoy the moment. Take your time, savor it, and don’t rush! A million things will be going through your head during this moment so the more you have practiced and in muscle memory the smoother it will go!


Planning a Nashville proposal soon?

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