As wedding photographers, we have seen it all!  Being on the sidelines makes us privy to the good, the bad, and sometimes the disastrous events that make up a wedding day.  We’ve condensed our wisdom from all these experiences into five simple tips for  you to make your wedding day perfect, and more importantly, let you come away with the best wedding pictures possible!

On your wedding day you will have a million and one things racing through your head.  Hopefully you have chosen a great wedding coordinator/planner who can alleviate a lot of that stress and anxiety.  But, even still, we find it is difficult for most brides to simply stop, take a deep breath, relax and enjoy the day.  (We find a glass of wine, or two can help)


The one thing you should not have to worry about on your wedding day are your photos.  That’s why you hired a skilled professional photographer!  Every good wedding photographer should give you a run down of what to expect on the day of your wedding.  For each of our brides we like to offer up just a few simple tips to ensure that you get the FANTASTIC wedding photos you deserve!

The best part about these tips is that you won’t have to remember or worry about them on your wedding day!  So “study up” now and look forward to the day when you and your husband can stretch out on your living room floor with all your beautiful photographs surrounding you, reminding you of just how special your day was!


Over the next couple of days we will be diving into each one of our 5 simple tips for FANTASTIC wedding photos in more detail so make sure you check back!

1) Be unique with delightful details!

We’ll show you how you can put your own special signature on your wedding day with a few simple details.  We will also share some of our favorite places to find inspiration and purchase one of a kind gifts, favors and accessories.

2) Pamper yourself with professional hair and makeup!

Experienced hair and makeup artists know just how to emphasize your very best features and make you look picture perfect!

3) See the light!

A few simple choices in your venue and time of ceremony can give you that amazing light and make all the difference in your pictures!

4) Think outside the box!

The more you go out of your way to make your wedding day original, the better your photos will be!  We’ll share a few ideas to get your creative juices going!

5) Relax.  Enjoy the day!

We already mentioned this tip, but it deserves repeating.  You’ve put all this time into creating the perfect wedding make sure you enjoy it!  Choose vendors and professionals who get your personality and will help you have the wedding you are imagining right now in your head!


Have any questions?  Make sure to leave a comment below and we will make sure to answer it in an upcoming blog post!